FreeTime Time Tracking App

I was tasked with creating a project tracking solution that no freelancer has ever experienced before. The FreeTime mobile application empowers freelancers to spend less time tracking projects and more time creating amazing solutions for their customers.


Working freelance can be cumbersome, finding new projects, and tracking existing projects is a considerable amount of work to be doing, and tracking the project shouldn't be a strenuous process. My vision for this project was to create a simplistic and engaging mobile application. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for someone to open the app and understand in seconds how to create a project, the projects tasks, and start tracking those said tasks, and not have to spend unnecessary time learning how to use the application.



This flowchart depicts how the organization of the application would be laid out, it creates a guide for how users will interact with the pages and features of the application. Creating this flowchart enabled me to explore how the Information Architecture should be laid out in order to come up with the best flow of the application.

freetime flowchart


Based on the defined user scenarios, I proceeded to sketch out multiple iterations of the application. By doing so I was able to test multiple ways of organizing the interactions and the content of the application, before I proceeded in creating the visual elements of the application.

freetime wireframe sketches

Final Product

Finally visual elements were added to the application to create a stunning application.