Coca Cola Heuristic & User Analysis

I was tasked with discovering the pain points for users during their experiencing using the Coca Cola website. My method of discovering these pain points was done by administering a heuristic and user analysis.


The Coca Cola website is a way for the company to communicate recent promotions to their users, as well as creating a gateway to their secondary Coca Cola Company Website. I began this project by administering a heuristic analysis of the website, this was done to form a more solid understanding of where the pain points were in the website and how they could be solved. I continued to test the website with a few users in order to further solidify my findings.

coke overview

Heuristic Analysis

I began my heuristic analysis of by defining some standard scenarios that would be common amongst their users. After creating these test cases, I went through the website step by step and documented all of my findings, as they relate to the heuristic analysis guidelines defined by Jakob Nielsen, and assigned them a severity rating of 1-3, 1 being the least severe and 3 being the most. After everything was documented I went on to testing the website with a group of users.

View the Heuristic Analysis
coke heuristic

User Testing

I did not want to overwhelm users with the same large list of test cases that I defined in the heuristic analysis, so I focused my research on a smaller set of more important scenarios. After testing the website with users, proved that the website has a lot of loose ends, and that they are losing a lot of traffic potential. Each task that was tested averaged about 1-3min, before the user was able to complete them. This means that most users are probably going to give up before they are able to complete the task they set out to complete, making Coca Cola's website bounce rate jump through the roof. Below is a video of one my user tests.

This project is in no way associated with Coca Cola, and is a school project.