Open Table Heuristic & User Analysis

I was in charge of running a heuristic and user analysis on Open Table's website in order to determine what struggles users were having during their time using the website.


Open Table is a website that empowers their users to schedule reservations to restaurants at their own leisure, without having to deal with the hassle of calling the restaurant during busy or off hours. I took the challenge to discover where the websites pain points were and what could be done in order to improve them to make the website a more engaging experience for their users. This involved administering a heuristic and user analysis, and envisioning how the website could could be improved to meet the users needs.

open table overview

Heuristic Analysis

The heuristic analysis began by placing myself in the users shoes, and I went through each step of the reservation, sign up, and browsing/searching process of the website. While going through the website I documented problems, as they relate to the heuristic analysis guidelines defined by Jakob Nielsen, and assigned them a severity rating of 1-3, 1 being the least severe and 3 being the most. From these findings, I defined what the best solution would be for each of these problems.

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open table heuristic
This project is in no way associated with Open Table, and is a school related project.