Toyota Prius Console Design

I was part of the team responsible for redesigning the experience of the Toyota Prius console app. Our vision was to create a more enjoyable and engaging experience, while focusing specifically on those who spend all of their driving time playing the mileage game.


The Toyota Prius mileage game is an exclusive game for Prius owners. The goal of the game is to be the person to reach the highest MPG, for the longest duration. Playing the game requires the driver to have the ability to monitor the consumption of gas and electricity.



We needed to do a lot of preliminary research before we could begin to sketch any ideas on paper. From the research that we gathered we were able to create this flowchart, which depicts how the user will be guided through the application, and what the results of their decisions will be.



Based on the flowchart and the research that we gathered, we were able to get our ideas out and onto a computer. We began by creating a simple wireframe, and used that to test with our target users.

prius low fidelity wireframe

User Testing

With a prototype created, we were ready to bring it to our target users to identify where the pain points were in our design. User testing revealed a few things that we had not originally prepared for. We took those results and iterated the design and user testing process.

Final Product

Following our user testing, we took to adding more visual elements to the wireframes.

Experience the Final Product
prius final product