Jason Frade

Product designer


Time Tracking App

Working freelance can be cumbersome, finding new projects, and tracking existing projects is a considerable amount of work to be doing, and tracking the project shouldn't be a strenuous process. My vision for this project was to create a simplistic and engaging mobile application. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for someone to open the app and understand in seconds how to create a project, the projects tasks, and start tracking those said tasks, and not have to spend unnecessary time learning how to use the application.

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coke overview

Coca Cola Heuristic & User Analysis

The Coca Cola website is a way for the company to communicate recent promotions to their users, as well as creating a gateway to their secondary Coca Cola Company Website. I began this project by administering a heuristic analysis of the website, this was done to form a more solid understanding of where the pain points were in the website and how they could be solved. I continued to test the website with a few users in order to further solidify my findings.

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open table overview

Open Table Heuristic & User Analysis

Open Table is a website that empowers their users to schedule reservations to restaurants at their own leisure, without having to deal with the hassle of calling the restaurant during busy or off hours. I took the challenge to discover where the websites pain points were and what could be done in order to improve them to make the website a more engaging experience for their users. This involved administering a heuristic and user analysis, and envisioning how the website could could be improved to meet the users needs.

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Toyota Prius Console Design

The Toyota Prius mileage game is an exclusive game for Prius owners. The goal of the game is to be the person to reach the highest MPG, for the longest duration. Playing the game requires the driver to have the ability to monitor the consumption of gas and electricity.

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About Me

My name is Jason Frade and I am a User Experience Designer.

Being a user experience designer, to me, is the best job in the world. My primary job is to listen and observe people as they use products so that I can better understand what they like and what causes them pain. This allows me to create simple solutions that result in people having more enjoyable experiences.

In my process of designing products, talking and listening to the people who use your product is the most important thing you can do to improve your product. However, there are some other principles that I believe are important to designing products:

Iteration is key

The first solution out of the gate is almost never the best solution, so one must continue to iterate in order to improve upon the design and experience.

"Simplicity, above all else, will attain the most reactions."

Simplicity in a product is key to removing distraction and focusing the user on what the primary goal is.

A Little More about me

Working as a user experience designer is a huge part of my life. But there are a lot more things that make up who I am. At heart I am truly a nerd. I would be happy spending an entire day have a Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones viewing marathon.

Aside from being a nerd I am extremely passionate about cooking, tasting new wines, and traveling to new and exciting places.